By focusing on all six components of health, you will allow your body to maximize its growth and its healing potential. This is an ongoing lifestyle change and not a temporary side path. You must work on all of them, and not just the ones you like or those that seem easy. Having accountability and commitment to yourself will give you the life you were meant to live and the rewards you desire.






6.  SOUL


Our body was meant to move. It is meant to be in motion. That is why it is constructed the way it is constructed. We have bones, joints, and muscles that are meant to be used. We stand erect because we are meant to carry loads and use the frame and structure provided to get things done. When we don’t exercise our body and neglect it, we begin to become flaccid and weak, break down, lose muscle tone, and we suffer.

Information and proper coaching are necessary for us all to achieve our goals. We provide that information. But understand that exercise and weight-bearing activities are essential to become healthier, to look your best, to obtain optimal health, to transform your body.

  “Y” Facelift
  Derma Lasers
  Genetic Fitness
  Genetic Weight Balance
  Growth Factor / Platelet Rich Therapy
  HCG Therapy
  Hormone Pellets
  Ortho Stem Cell Injections
  Peptide Therapy
  Sexual Rejuvenation – O-Shot® / P-Shot®
  Shockwave Therapy For E.D.
  Stem Cell Aesthetics


The nervous system, consisting of the brain, the peripheral nerves, and the spinal cord, controls the overall function of the body. The brain is to the body, as the CPU (central processing unit) is to a computer. When the CPU is functioning at top speed, the computer works great. If the CPU has issues, such as junk files or viruses slowing it down, the computer doesn’t work so well.

Testing to see if the brain or your neurotransmitters (NTs) are balanced is also essential. Some you may have already heard about – acetylcholine, dopamine, GABA, serotonin, etc. NTs are the chemicals of the brain that allow your brain to run efficiently. By giving you proper nutritional support, we can help balance any imbalances of these chemicals, as well as monitor what drinks, emotions, and foods that can also alter them.

  Adrenegic Receptors
  Blood Brain Barrier
  Brain Mapping
  Degenerative Diseases
  IV Ketamine Infusion


On a daily basis, we breathe in various chemicals, from allergens to cleaners to smog. We drink water that is often full of chemicals to “clean” it, and often times full of endocrine disruptors that affect our body funct