At the Grossgold Clinic, we believe that you are the best medicine. We will educate you on how factors, such as activity levels, diet, and stress play an important developmental role in some of the common health disorders encountered over a lifetime.

Here, you will find how it is possible to incorporate positive changes into your life and start your journey today. With our lifestyle medicine program, you will have access to concierge level:

  Food Allergy Identification
  Grocery Shopping Education & Personalized Trips
  Healthy Habit Formation
  Lifestyle Medicine Design & Instruction
  Nutrition Education & Implementation: How to dine out in a healthy, responsible way.
  Stress Reduction Techniques
  Weight Loss Program w/Customized Design
  and much more!

We know that deciding to make positive changes towards improving your health is hard. It takes effort, money, time, and most importantly, support.

With the coaching and guidance of our team at the Grossgold Clinic, we will ensure that these limitations are managed and removed, so you can be the force of change in building the life you have always dreamed about.


By clicking the link above, you will be redirected to one of our additional websites. There, you will be provided with an in-depth look at all of the benefits provided by the Peak Lifestyle Program. The advantages included, but not limited to, are:

1.  Your program is designed to correct the underlying cause(s) of your chronic symptoms or conditions. This is quite different from the traditional medical model of treating symptoms.

2.  All 6 major components of your health will be addressed, including:

  Fitness & Aesthetics
  Nervous System (Brain)
  Organs & Glands (Hormones)

3.  The program is designed to improve:

  Anxiety / Depression
  Blood & Saliva Chemistries (Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, Hormone Imbalance, Liver Enzymes, etc.)
  Body Composition
  Chronic Pain
  Energy & Vitality
  Feelings Of Well-Being
  Fitness & Strength
  Hormonal Imbalance

(Your program will have a more profound effect due the provision of more personal care.)

4.  Exclusive membership to the Grossgold Clinic website for ongoing education regarding optimized living.

5.  VIP membership for all future care (following completion of program). After the completion of your Peak Lifestyle Program, you may choose to continue with intermittent maintenance. These services are performed at a discounted rate, including 10% off necessary hormonal and nutrient supplementation.

6.  Discounted rates for our preferred fitness partner, Mark Washco, as a member of TGC.

7.  A family discount for all family members on individual programs, in addition to program discounts.

8.  An additional discount for a second family member on individual programs.

9.  Unlimited access to all educational classes; provided free of charge during your program!

10.  To educate, inspire, mentor, and motivate you towards achieving the necessary goals to enjoy a more fulfilled life.

We want to thank you for the opportunity to Achieve Your Goals.

IMPORTANT! All information presented in this website is intended for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of rendering medical advice. Statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information contained herein is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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