Ever since the 1800s, the method used to provide traditional cell therapy – medical injection – has gone unchanged. This therapeutic technique of administering live animal cells has remained consistent for centuries. Regardless, these medically dispensed cells maintain their success even today, healing the injured and withering cells chiefly responsible for critical age-related conditions and illnesses. Upon introduction, cell therapy was proclaimed as a massive breakthrough for the world of regenerative medicine, even receiving praise as one of the field’s crowning achievements. As a direct result, Europe witnessed a significant influx of wealthy travelers. Several of the world’s most prosperous and successful individuals came from across the globe, hoping to undergo this advanced treatment. However, despite proven efficiency, traditional cell therapy does possess its share of drawbacks. For instance, the procedure comes attached with a costly price tag. Not only that, but the process has also shown to be surprisingly painful.

Enter Celergen®. Initially conceived in Switzerland, it was introduced as the first cell therapy in the world that could be applied orally. Safe to say, the field of regenerative treatment owes Celergen® for their next giant leap forward.



Without exception, the source from which all types of traditional cell therapy obtain their strength is live animals. Or, to be more definitive, the cells and DNA of active, healthy animals. Drawing its power from deep-sea herring and salmon, Celergen® is no different. These pelagic fish were caught near the French coastline, and together, they have supplied cell therapy with a dynamic combination of enzymes and proteins. This enzyme / protein mixture provides the nutrients necessary for reinvigorating the body’s cells and deep tissues.


For cell therapy to properly demonstrate its success, “live cells” – used to restore and revive the body’s already weak and wounded cells – are completely essential. Due to this absolute necessity, Celergen® practitioners employ a “cold” extraction technique, ensuring that the required fish cells and DNA are collected as delicately as medically possible. This process secures the overall intensity and revitalizing effects of these “living cells”.


Next, following the conclusion of the extraction phase, the potent cellular components of Celergen® are encased – or rather, “encapsulated” – into a soft-shelled medication. Due to the “enteric-coating” of this gelatin capsule, it is 100% guaranteed to complete its journey through the human digestive system—passing through the stomach before reaching the small intestine.


Our small intestine’s responsibility is to, first, soak up the vital nutrients – demanded by our bodies – from digested meals; and second, transfer these nutritional supplements straight into our circulatory systems. The Celergen® design provides an added advantage to our gastrointestinal tract in the form of peptides. These stored peptides function as an additional means of delivering Celergen®’s strongest substances. Therefore, a paramount absorption rate is assured.


After reaching the cardiovascular system, Celergen® promptly engages the inaugural stage of cellular restoration. Instantly, the human body selectively arranges Celergen®’s biologically active elements, then ships these ingredients off to locations of the deepest need. Celergen® starts the reconstruction process immediately upon achieving its intended destination. Revitalizing the injured regions of the entire body – cell by cell – Celergen® goes from one afflicted spot to another.