Dr. Grossgold’s understanding of both traditional and alternative therapies allows him to provide care that is healing-oriented and centered around each patient.

Dr. Grossgold is originally from Bogota, Colombia and grew up in North America, South America, Europe, and Israel. His father was Colonel Efrain Diaz Valderamma, who ran for president of Colombia in 1998, and his mother, Niliha, is an artist of Lebanese-Jewish descent.

Dr. Grossgold was inspired to join the military at a young age, but also wanted to be a doctor. So, at just 16 years old, he served in the United Nation’s Multinational Force and Observers stationed at the Sinai Peninsula, and later graduated from the New Granada Military School of Medicine at the age of 23.

Dr. Grossgold knew medicine was his calling after he miraculously rescued a mother’s baby from imminent death. It was in that moment he recognized the power of infinite possibilities and that his pursuit of knowledge was going to help save lives.

Dr. Grossgold traveled to the United States and obtained his medical degree in both Internal and Pediatric medicine at the renowned Texas Medical Center. TMC is home to some of the best hospitals and medical research facilities in the world and has the highest concentration of doctors and awarded scientists on the planet.

Dr. Grossgold dedicated himself to the field of cellular regeneration and gene therapy at Baylor College of Medicine, which is recognized by scientists all over the world as a powerhouse for research and disease treatments. This is where he completed a five-year post-doctoral fellowship in Stem Cell Biology and Gene Therapy with emphasis in Neurosciences and Cardiovascular Genetics, while also performing extensive research on molecular biology and tissue rejuvenation using growth factors.

Back in early 1994, when Dr. Grossgold graduated from the prestigious Baylor College of Medicine, his father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. When the best hospitals said he would only have a few years to live, Dr. Grossgold and his mother had to look elsewhere for hope. They started collaborating with experts outside of traditional medicine and delved into the world of alternative medicine. The approach helped his father enjoy more quality years of life and with dignity, which was very important to the family.

From 1996 to 2006, Capital University of Integrative Medicine was the only resident institution of higher education in the United States with a curriculum of widely diverse integrative health therapies.

This inspired Dr. Grossgold to expand his medical knowledge and complete a four-year doctorate program at the revolutionary Capital University of Integrative Medicine in Washington, D.C. He studied with renowned alternative medicine experts, like biological dentist, Dr. Mark McClure; Dr. James Gordon, a Harvard educated psychiatrist and world-renowned expert in using mind-body medicine to heal depression, anxiety, and psychological trauma; Dr. Doris Rapp, pioneer in environmental health; Dr. Robert Atkins, known for the famous Atkins Diet; Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, leader on neural therapy, autonomic response testing and mental field therapy, and natural treatments for Lyme disease; Dr. Robert Bardford, specialist in dark field microscope and founder of American Biologics; and many more!

Dr. Grossgold’s dream has always been to serve his country and patients. He is currently Lieutenant Commander of the US Navy Reserves and battalion surgeon in charge of the 4th Amphibian Battalion with the USMC in Tampa, Florida. He’s directly responsible for the improved performance on medical readiness for 1,100 marines and sailors and is also one of the first few physicians to directly work with the marines at Camp Lejune, performing emergency procedures and stabilization of urgent cases.

Dr. Grossgold is board certified in both integrative and natural medicine and specializes in both internal medicine and pediatrics with a holistic approach on nutrition, functional medicine, and anti-aging medicine. He is also a member of the American Society of Cosmetic Physicians and gives lectures around the world on regenerative medicine, including facial and body rejuvenation. He’s collaborated with scientists like Dr. Charles Runels, the inventor of the Vampire Facelift®, and top experts at the Dermatologic and Aesthetic Surgery International League in Argentina and the 5-Continent Congress of Laser and Aesthetic Medicine in both France and Spain.

Over the years, Dr. Grossgold has gotten to know many special patients who mean the world to him. They search for truth and healing, and he hopes that his experience, knowledge, and devotion can serve them well. There is no greater honor in life for him than walking alongside you who are suffering and on the road to recovery.

If you have any questions regarding our practice and services, please call us or email info@thegclinic.org.