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As an ardent researcher, lifelong student, and a voracious reading in the leading-edge wellness, Dr. Andreas Grossgold has never succumbed to the outdated, traditional mind set of treating the symptoms. He continues both his formal and informal education at every turn so that his expertise becomes our bounty.

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Discover the road map to recovering for the effects of bad information, poor choices, and bad habits that have been speeding up your aging process and are holding you back from persistent, optimized living.

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Our programs are designed to correct the underlying cause(s) of your chronic symptoms or conditions. This is quite different than the traditional medical model of treating symptoms. Dr. Grossgold's program is easy to follow and is built on a foundation of scientific research that hasn't been mangled by lobbies, special interests, and government bureaucrats.

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Dr. Andreas Grossgold MD. Speaker, Lifestyle Architect, and Wellness Mentor

Dr. Andreas Grossgold, MD<span class="title"><strong>Speaker, Lifestyle Architect, and Wellness Mentor</strong></span>

Dr. Andreas Grossgold is an Internist and Pediatrician who graduated from the University of Texas Medical School in Houston. He is originally from Bogota, Colombia and grew up in North America, South America, Europe and Israel. Dr. Grossgold is a lieutenant with the US Navy reserves.

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