By focusing on all 6 components of health, you will allow your body to maximize its healing potential and its growth. This is an ongoing lifestyle change and not a temporary side path. You must work on all of them, and not just the ones you like or those that seem easy. Having commitment and accountability to yourself will give you the rewards you desire and the life you were meant to live.






6.  SOUL


Our body was meant to move. It is meant to be in motion. That is why it is constructed the way it is constructed. We have joints and bones, and muscles that are meant to be used. We stand erect because we are meant to carry loads and use the frame and structure provided to get things done. When we neglect our body and don’t exercise it, we begin to break down, lose muscle tone, become weak and flaccid and we suffer.

Proper coaching and information is necessary for us all to achieve our goals. We provide that information. But understand that exercise and weight bearing activities are essential to obtain optimal health, to transform your body, to look your best and to become healthier.

  “Y” Facelift
  Derma Lasers
  Genetic Fitness
  Genetic Weight Balance
  Growth Factor / Platelet Rich Therapy
  HCG Therapy
  Hormone Pellets
  Ortho Stem Cell Injections
  Peptide Therapy
  Sexual Rejuvenation – O-Shot® / P-Shot®
  Shockwave Therapy For E.D.
  Stem Cell Aesthetics


The nervous system, consisting of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves, controls the overall function of the body. The brain is to the body as the CPU (central processing unit) is to a computer. When the CPU is functioning at top speed, the computer works great. If the CPU has issues such as viruses or junk files slowing it down, the computer doesn’t work so well.

Testing to see if your neurotransmitters (NTs) or the brain are balanced is also essential. Some you may have already heard about – serotonin, dopamine, GABA, acetylcholine, etc. NTs are the chemicals of the brains that allow your brain to run efficiently. By giving you proper nutritional support, we can help balance any imbalances of these chemicals as well as monitor what foods, drinks and emotions that can also alter them.

  Adrenegic Receptors
  Blood Brain Barrier
  Brain Mapping
  Degenerative Diseases
  Dysautonomia, POTS
  IV Ketamine Infusion


On a daily basis, we breathe in various chemicals from cleaners to allergens to smog. We drink water that is often full of chemicals to “clean” it and often times full of endocrine disruptors that affect our body function. We eat and drink processed products that alter our digestive and detoxification processes and capacities. This is an easy fact to comprehend and understand.

Our body has normal detoxification processes that occur. The liver is our main detoxification organ. We also detoxify through our kidneys, bowels, sweat glands and respiratory system. Our daily choices often hinder and impede the function of our detoxification systems which adversely affects our bodily functions.

  Biomeridian Eval.
  Cancer / Oncogenetics
  Chelation IV
  Food Allergies / Leaky Gut
  FUT2 Gene, MTHFR Mutations
  Glutathione IV, Ozone Therapy
  Heavy Metals
  High Dose Vitamin C
  Infectious Diseases (Lyme, Fungal, Viral)
  Muscular / Neuro Stem Cell Therapy


Hormones are chemical messages that communicate within your body. There are hundreds of different hormones that work daily to make your body a well-oiled machine. Hormones regulate everything in your body, sex properties and function, energy production, metabolism, lean muscle promotion, mood, sleep, body composition and more. Small abnormalities or imbalances will throw off regulatory balance and cause poor communication. This leads to poor health. The imbalance or decline can occur rapidly or slowly over years and years.

If hormones/neurotransmitters are not properly evaluated and brought into balance, optimal health is not obtainable. Hormone balance is essential for proper organ/gland function, which means it is essential for proper metabolism, weight maintenance, energy production, sleep, digestion, mood, etc…

  Adrenal Health
  Bone Health & Vitamin D
  Brain – Gut
  Digestive Enzymes & Pancreas
  Female & Male Hormones / PRP
  Melatonin / Pituitary Axis
  Natural Thyroid Balance


Optimal health must include proper nutrition. Proper diet, supplementation and fluid intake are a must. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be bland. Good nutrition is full of flavor and exciting recipes. Good whole foods that burst with flavor are at our fingertips.

  Amino Acids Imbalance
  Carb Control, Insulin Resistant
  Cardio IQ
  Cholesterol Particle Size, LLP
  Essential Nutrients
  IV Therapy
  Lipids Health
  Mitochondrial Nutrients
  Organic Acids Test
  Plaquex IV
  Trace Minerals
  Vitamins Evaluation

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