The symptoms of depression can place a massive burden on a patient and their family. We are here to offer you hope for a major reduction in your depression symptoms.

In the last seven to ten years, dozens of research studies have been published that show very promising results for the effectiveness of Ketamine infusions for Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD). Even in these most difficult-to-treat cases, Ketamine can be successful up to 80% of the time. Ketamine is currently the only fast acting treatment proven to reduce the symptoms of even the most severe forms of depression.

Research has shown that a series of six low-dose Ketamine infusions, each lasting approximately four hours, may produce results that last up to two to three months and rapidly reduce depressive symptoms. Patients often report improved symptoms in as few as one or two treatments. This innovative therapy has even shown to produce results in patients that have been unresponsive to traditional depression therapy.

The fast relief from depression that Ketamine provides makes it an ideal treatment as a bridge therapy. This is because more traditional antidepressants can take six to ten weeks to become effective. And so, Ketamine infusions can effectively bridge this gap by providing immediate relief.

Ketamine infusions should be a part of a comprehensive treatment plan. We recommend that our infusions are part of a multidisciplinary plan that includes a healthy diet, a mental health provider, plenty of physical activity, and psychotherapy.

For all patients, your overall mental health care must be directed by a mental health or primary care provider. We require that all patients schedule a history and physical exam with our Certified Nurse Practitioner prior to your first Ketamine infusion.