Environ® is a globally loved and recognized professional skin care brand that is built on beauty, care, and science.

Environ® believes that skin has a life, and that vitamin A is the “oxygen” it needs to look beautiful and healthy for life.

The introduction of vitamin A into skin care formulations was a groundbreaking development. Dr. Des Fernandes, rated among the top five plastic surgeons in the world, was a pioneer in this field in the 1980s and was the first to successfully use antioxidants and vitamin A in a cosmetic product.

Environ®’s CEO and Group Chairman, Val Carstens, believed in her brother, and commenced selling these creams to family and friends prior to the formation of the company. She has built Environ® Skin Care (Pty) ㋏. from a dream to the global success that it is today with over 140 products available in more than 70 countries.

Since Dr. Des Fernandes founded Environ® in 1990, vitamin A has become the cornerstone ingredient in the Environ® Skin Care (Pty) ㋏. philosophy. It is an essential skin nutrient that has to be replenished every day for skin to appear healthier and more resilient.

Combined with other essential nutrients, like antioxidants and peptides, the long-term enhancement of the appearance of the skin becomes clearly visible. Backed by constant research, new and still more effective products are continually being introduced to the Environ® range.

As a brand, Environ® is proud enough to recommend their products to the people who matter most in their lives. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t create them.

Environ® uses the power of beautiful science to create products that make a real difference to people’s lives. The 100+ international awards continue to recognize the brand for outstanding products which is why Environ® is favored by international aestheticians, beauty editors, film stars, skin care therapists, and the medical fraternity.

An authorized and trained skin care professional, Dr. Andreas Grossgold has developed a partnership with Environ® for the success of their brand. It is for this reason that the Grossgold Clinic functions as a qualified stockist for Environ® Skin Care (Pty) ㋏. products.




Environ® creates scientifically developed and researched skin care products that make a real lasting difference to the appearance of the skin so that consumers everywhere can have a beautiful skin for a lifetime.

In Environ®’s world, beautiful, healthy-looking skin is not the exception, but the norm.

It is for everyone – regardless of age, gender, and race. Environ®’s world is one where a little patience – and the power of beautiful science – can assist in rehabilitating, restoring, and reviving the skin’s overall health and well-being.

It’s a world where anyone can live life to the fullest, without their skin knowing it or showing it.

Environ® will keep making skin beautiful for generations to come, because they exist to keep skin beautiful for life.


Environ® combines sound skin care principles with the best of what cutting-edge technology and science has to offer to provide scientific-based, superior skin care for everyone.

Dr. Des Fernandes designed Environ® to help correct the visible effects of the chronic deficiency of vitamin A that everyone suffers from in the exposed areas of their skin. Few people understand that this deficiency leads to the appearance of major skin problems we attribute and develop due to aging and sun damage.

The formulae of Environ® are entirely based on the need to help replenish all the essential skin nutrients lost by environmental factors and exposure to the sun, and at the same time moisturize the skin’s appearance. Environ® Skin Care (Pty) ㋏. products have been formulated to combat and relieve the harmful effects of today’s harsh environmental changes, specifically pollution and the ever-increasing doses of radiation from the sun due to the thinning of the protective ozone layer. Added to these are the modern-day effects of poor diet and social and work stresses.

Every day, our skin loses vitamins due to exposure to these elements, which exacerbates the visible signs of aging. The only way to effectively help replenish these lost skin vitamins is through supplements and topical applications.

Environ®’s beautiful, unique science comprises:

  A+ Complex
  Cool Peel® Technology
  Cosmetic Skin Needling
  Technologically Advanced Facial Treatments (DF Machine)

Environ®’s powerhouse ingredient combinations include: